What is Lemay?


The most badass guy ever

The guy who tells you "no drinking in the computer lab" as he spills mountain dew all over his keyboard

The movie Man of Fire was based on his past life

Observers speculate he must have been to much of a threat to everyone in America for him to give up being a badass in another life

Because honestly who wants to be a teacher?

Not lemay, cause hes 100% badass

Student: No I'm like a straight B student!

Lemay: As opposed to a gay B student?

See awesome, ownage, chuck norris, noobs, pwning, badass


Anyone with this last name MUST be livin' ghetto fabulous.

You know, like French stylee and shit. Thuggin' Paris like a tru playa would. Hop off deez niggy nuts!!


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