What is Lemender?


A short small humanoid thing, has a tendency to punch people in the butt-hole, changes its hair color often to attract mates. Often can be found hiding in large "bushes" or the cleavege of big breasted women. An attack can be detected by its war cry "nigger-faggot raaa!!!"

Can be pasifyed by Any kind of Ramune, Pocky, Sexy Japanese men mainly Miyavi and small assorted japanese snacks.

When encountered with such a small yet bodasious creature, Please don't try and be a hero, just cover your Butt-hole and proceed to the nearest Exit.

She has a tendency to smother herself in her best friends boobs. . . . =.=

Best Friend:"Lemmy, I need a nother Bra.'

Lemender:"Nyaaaa~ BOOBIES!!!!!"

Proceeds to Tackle and smother herself in Breasts.

See lemmy, indescribable, tags


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