What is Lemke?


Former second baseman Mark Lemke of the Atlanta Braves, 1988-1997. On the 1995 World Series Champion team. Also referenced numerous times on HomestarRunner

Lemke was a man....uh.....he was a short man!.....err......maybe he was just short......but he was still LEM-KE!!!!!!!!!

See yo mama


It has something to do with the shower... or not. Homestars 14th homepage

Look, look at the word lemke!

See logan


A type of class where one does little/no work and plots to bring down the man. Financial backing provided by Chattahoochee Tech/The souls of the innocent.

Person 1: I'm taking a Lemke class this semester!

Person 2: OMGWTF!!!111!


When someone pretends to be more successful than they truly are.

Did you see that? His cheap ebayed "professional" shoes prove that he's pulling a total Lemke!

See lemke


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