Leonard Cohen

What is Leonard Cohen?


Leonard Cohen is a Canadian singer-songwriter, poet and novelist. He was told that he was too old for music in the 60's. His music has been enjoyed and covered by people the world over. He wrote the only decent Jeff Buckley song, had an affair with Janis Joplin and was ordained a Buddhist monk in 1996, while remaining jewish... some... how...

his bassy vocals are among some of the coolest around and are very attractive to the ladies (apparently.) see "death of a ladies man." Easily the coolest canadian person ever, and on a par with bob dylan in terms of songwriting, Cohen is 74 and embarking on a world tour. he is rad beyond belief. he is the grandfather every aspiring musician wants. he was been covered by U2, nick cave and the bad seeds, REM, jeff buckley (albeit whingingly), the wainwright siblings (albeit nasally) and about a thousand others. see leonardcohenfiles

also he has his own cocktail called "red needles"

nick cave - "i love leonard cohen"

bono - "yes me too"

nick cave - "i was talking to lou reed"

lou reed - "leonard cohen is among highest and most influential echelon of songwriters"

bono - "yep"

"give me leonard cohen afterworld, so i can sigh, eternally"

-kurt cobain, pennyroyal tea

See pennyroyal tea, canada, ladies man


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