What is Lerp?


A lerp is similar to an otaku. A Lerp is often socially awkward, because they bring up things such as anime or video game characters in public conversations and expect it to be acceptable - but anyone who understand the reference facepalms, and anyone who does not avoids the lerp. A lerp is almost always depressed, despite knowing their flaws, do not change, instead opting to complain about how no one likes them. A lerp also talks alot about their ex-spouses. Lerps take personal offense to ANY practical joke and are immensely oversensitive. Lerps are actually so arrogant that they do not even realize that they look down on everyone.

Did you see how Tony reacted? All I said was that working here is for dropouts. Fucking lerp.

This place is full of lerpes. Let's go.

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A grub. Someone who never brings anything with them to a party (food, beer, etc). A parasite on the party or group of friends who brings them along. Someone who borrows things and never returns them. N.J. slang from Clifton back in the 1980s, still used around this area.

The dude showed up empty handed & he lerped beer from us all night.

No way, we're not bringing him to the party, that guy is such a lerp!

As soon as we lit a cigarette this guy came up and lerped one off of me.

No, that guy can't borrow any of my tools, he's a lerp.

Those lerps stole the keg!

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A generally unattractive Ichabod Crane/Olive Oil looking person, gangling in appearance, with a face that suggests mild retardation.

"Look at stretch over there."

"Poor lerp must have a hard time finding clothes that fit."

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