What is Lerpes?


Any of serveral diseases that causes one to slur his/her words while severly intoxicated.

We were so drunk last night we had a major case of the "Lerpes".

Bro1: zay jyamezz..immm soz wayzted

Bro2: mez tooz..

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Lerpes is in direct relation to Herpes but manifests itself on one's lip, often causing much pain, embarassment and social anxiety for recepients.

My Lerpes causes me to cover my lip while speaking to someone of significance and burns as if climbing the Himilayas during a Blizzard.


Lerpes manifests itself like herpes, however it is only contracted through close contact or the "bumping of uglies" with a lerp. The resulting pustules can appear anywhere on the body.

Did you see that fugly guy Tanya took home last night? That bitch is gonna catch a mad case of lerpes.

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