What is Lesbangle?


Three naked women, arranged face to crotch, perhaps linked by strap-on or double-headed dildos, whose bodies form a vaguely triangular shape.

1. The horny triplets made the world's first equilateral lesbangle.

2. Sorry, Henry, you and your three buddies can't form a lesbangle. Perhaps you could try making an erectangle.


A lesbian triangle created when three women are connected in writhing, squirming pleasure, each one's mouth, ass or vagina connected to the mouth, ass or vagina of another. Connections may be made via direct, skin-to-skin contact, or by means of a double-headed dildo or some such similar strap-on device.

1. "The horny triplets managed to create the world's first equilateral lesbangle."

2. "Sorry Henry, there's no way you and your three buddies could ever make a lesbangle. Perhaps you should think about attempting to form an erectangle."


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