What is Lesbianage?


the act of turning the straight girls gay, especially when they have unsuspecting boyfriends.


like espionage, but with lesbians

right, whores, time for so lesbianage

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The act or process of being a lesbian in secretive form.

Floyd commited an act of lesbianage


to spy on lesbians making out without permission

bob:"i heard jenny and angela are doing it tonight!"

jim:"lets go lesbianage"

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the act of spying on lesbians

Jordan likes to take part in lesbianage.

See Jordan


The combination of the words lesbian and espionage to create a word meaning a female who is secretly (taken from espionage) a lesbian (taken from the word.. you guessed it! lesbian).

Any girl or woman you feel may secretly be hiding there sexuallity can be called a lesbianage.

Example 1

Girl 1: (to Girl 2) Lets go to the bathroom!

Girl 2: Okay!

Guy 1: You guys are such lebianages!

Example 2.

Girl 1: (to Girl 2) You look good tonight!

Girl 2: Thanks! So do you!

Guy 1: You two are such lebianages!

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someone who is accused of being a lesbian

Did you see sabrina and ariana? total lesbianage right there

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