What is Lesbiatch?


A skank who, apart from being a sapphic homosexual wench, is also bestowed by the random, intelligent design of nature, the quality of being simply, a bitch. They bear within them the attributes of being a bitch, and a lesbian. A cruder, more insinuating form of this etymology is lesbitch

Skank 1: I'm so loose, i'm like a total bitch.

Skank 2: Hahahha comere you, i'm gonna munch your carpet.

Skank 3: You girls called for a lesbiatch?

Skanks in unison: oh no she di'int

See bitch, lesbitch, whore, skank, harlot, courtesan


Someone acting so incredibly homosexual and agitated they can be nothing other than the spawn of a lesbian and a bitch (as in a dog).

Oh my God, Sarah is being such a lesbiatch!


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