What is Lesboid?


1. A person of the female gender who feels unusually attracted to another memeber of the female gender. This person is usually not a lipstick lesbian. See Butch

2. A person who acts like a lesbian.

3. A common insult to call non homosexual women lesbians.

1. Yo dat gurl is such a lesboid. She be like more a man than any man I ever met.

2. Damn girl stop acting like some lesboid!

3. You are a lesboid.

See lesbian, homosexual, women, lipstick, butch


1. A slang term for homosexual women, i.e. lesbians.

2. A "raging" lesbian who has a deep love and obsession for other women.

That girl isn't just a lesbian- she is a total lesboid!

I only go out with lesbians, lesboids are just waaayyy too intense.

See lesbian, homosexual, gay, lover, dyke


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