What is Lesbomobile?


A large, beat-up, mascualine looking car (usually a pickup truck or something similar) in a very unappealing color, driven by a girl/woman who everyone assumes is a lesbian (whether she is or not is of little consequence) and generally with several planks of wood or a tool box in the bed/trunk.

Dude, that truck is such a lesbomobile, that chick must be a lesbian!

Let's go for a spin in the lesbomobile!

Let's drive the lesbomobile over the edge of a cliff Thelma-and-Louise style and go down in history as epic lesbians!

See truck, lesbian, pickup


A Subaru Forester, regardless of driver's gender.

"Man, look at that lesbomobile go!"

See subaru, forester, wagon, suv


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