What is Lesbos?


This is a district under the government of a prefect (or prefecture) in Greece. It's made up of a number of islands in the Aegean Sea.

According to Greek mythology, the god of the islands was called 'Lesbos.'

An ancient poet called Sappho wrote about love between women about 2700 years ago and that's where we get the term 'lesbian' from.

Apparently, Sappho's poetry was pretty hot stuff and the Christians didn't like it. Little of it remains today thanks to a policy of it being destroyed by those against it.

Greek 1: "Behold! Across the Aegean sail the lovers Clitus Enormos and Vulva Maximus from the islands of Lesbos!"

Greek 2: "I'm hard as a temple pillar already!"

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Meaning 'a lesbian'; A female who enjoys sexual relations with other females.

A: "Do you know, Sam?"

B: "Yeah she's lesbos."

A: "Really?"

B: "Lesbos."

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believe it or not, an island in Greece. This island gave birth to the term "Lesbian" because of Sappho's poetry about woman love.

However, just because a girl was born on the island doesn't make her a lesbo. That would make the island like an endless fountain of lesbians... which, to be honest, sounds pretty hot in word.

John: "I went to Greece before, it was nice"

Jake: "Have you been in Lesbos?"

John: "OH YEAH. Oh, wait you meant the island..."

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