What is Lesbosexual?


I made this word up so everyone needs to chill.

A lesbosexual is a lesbian. but it's a cooler way of saying it. so it's a girl that likes other girls.

You're a total lesbosexual.

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A lesbosexual is someone who is attracted exclusively to lesbians. This person can be male or female. Generally lesbosexual males are guys who have a thing for women whom they can't have. Lesbosexual females are just lesbians who don't like straight girls.

Dude I think I'm lesbosexual, girls keep telling me they are lesbians when I ask them out!

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the slightly less picturesque, dumber metrosexual. might use kiehl's products because he heard they are the best but secretly doesn't know/care. probably lives in the 'burg.

guys who learn things from queer eye are lesbosexuals. real metrosexuals know queer eye is fake except for thom filicia's creative genius.


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