What is Lesger?


The lesbian form of cougar. Could also possibly be spelled 'lezger'

Like the cougar, she is also looking for young fresh meat, except that in her case it is a young female she is looking for and not a young male. She can be anywhere from trashy and simply looking for a quick hookup, to classy and looking for a young woman to care for. Lesgers can be awesome because they are past that whole drama filled stage, and are now settled down and not looking for head games. They may also be rich. They are most likely milf's, too. Possibly even a gilf.

"omg, stay away from that lesger - she'll have her paws all over you!"

"wow, look at that beautiful lesger... she'll spoil you rich!"

"wow, my professor is totally a hot lesger. She takes all her young girls students out for a drinks and... you know"

See lesger, lezger, mature, milf, gilf


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