What is Leslie?


(n)a. An incredibly beautiful girl. Someone who is very attractive with the best hair. See wonderful.

"Who's that person with the awesome hair?"

"That's Leslie"

See wonderful, leslie, beautiful, lesley, amazing


The most understanding person in the world; rarely will she get angry; shes been screwed over her whole life and still she comes out on top of every thing

Leslie has had it rough, but she is always kind and curteous to every one around her.

See lesley, lovely, honest, memorable


Leslie, is the coolest, sweetest, kindest, most compassionate, caring understanding person. She has been through so much in life, but she keeps on going, and anyone who meets her is lucky if you become her friend.

Leslie is my little sister.

See leslie, saint, friend, best friend, sister


an extremely sexy, cute, nice, pretty, Catholic girl, who everyone loves.

leslie is sooo pretty, i wish she was my friend!

See pretty, hot, catholic, wonderful


a 'lazy' ribbon; basically, a ribbon that just will not tie into a not.

Dude, wrapping this package is hard using leslie.

See leslie, lazy, ribbon, elegance, poetry


A dirty ,psychotic whore who sucks the life out of anything she touches and has the nastiest pussy that a person has ever seen!

Look at that Leslie she gave him the clap!

See whore, slut, bitch, cunt, dirty, leslie


Hoboon drag and reaccuring Mayoral candidate commonly seen in downtown Austin, TX. Is probably now richer than Michael Dell.

Aggiesoften seem to use this fact to make very pathetic and off-center steriotypes about Austinites.

Leslie: the truth about Corporate America.

See hobo, drag queen, austin


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