Lessen Lerned

What is Lessen Lerned?


Only the world's most awesomest unsigned punk band. Based in Hillsboro, Ohio, with the exception of the lead guitar being from Wilmington. Currently has 3 members. A singer/rhythm guitarist, a lead guitar, and a bassist (looking for a drummer in the southwestern Ohio area). Recently, they have promised to their small but growing list of fans 2 days of free downloads for a new song, which greatly differs from their previous 2, scheduled for release to the myspace community within the next few months. New fans always welcome!

Punk A: Dude, you hear about Lessen Lerned?

Punk B: Nah man. They any good?

Random Alternative Kid A: Hell yah!

Punk A: Damn right.

Punk B: ... Who the fuck was that?

Punk A: W/E. Just check out>>>myspace/lessenlerned

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