What is Lessthan3?


The newly created online lan-going community from the creators of CrouchJump.

Was created to eject all the retards and to cleanse our names, but that didn't work so we no longer give a shit and do what the fuck we want.

daedalus owns you and loves helm

rich is a scripting cunt

dc is a rich rapping bitch

dele is the ghetto pimp

spraycan is daedalus' eternal love

Everyone else are worthless and we ask them to end themselves at every chance.

LessThan3 also makes the <3 symbol.

"Oh my fucking god LessThan3 are at this lan, run like fuck..."

"Oh LessThan3, yeah so much better than us"

"For fuck sake, Rich and daeds from LessThan3 just glined wildcard on our IRC network"


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