Let Em Hang

What is Let Em Hang?


Translated literally this means, expose your testes. Figuratively, it means to show your true colors. This phrase can be used in discussion with those who do not demonstrate integrity; people that are fakeand frontin. Used in a call outof someone.

Ricer 1: Your Honda Civiccan't touch my Acura Integra.

Ricer 2: Cmon dog, I got VTEC.

Ricer 1: You idiot, so do I! $50 says I smoke you!

Ricer 2: Nah, man. I got to head out before my mom gets pissed.

Ricer 1: Let em hang dog! Let em hang!

Ricer 2: Whatever.

Ricer 1: You're such a homo.

See balls, frontin, frontin', fronting, fake


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