What is Lette?


The "lette", I believe, refers to the latter half of "juggalette". It is short for juggalette.

I seen a hawt lette polishing her hatchet the other day.

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Being a Lette..(short for Juggalette) isn't about how much merchandise you have or knowing every little detail about ICP. It's about being yourself- about seeing the world differently from normal society and not giving a fuck where your opinion fits in. Juggalettes don't take shit from other people, they know who they are and they accept it. They don't let any Feminem fans fuck with their family and they defend the family 100%. True Juggalettes know what it's like to be an outsider. It don't matter how many hatchetman tatoos you have, or how many ICP cds you own, it's about being yourself and not caring if other people don't like who you are. It's about knowing that you always have the family to lean on when you need support. And one of the most important things is being a true believer in the Dark Carnival and knowing that when life fails you, Shangri-La will always be a place for you to go. That's what a TRUE Juggalette is.

Danny:"a!Look at Dat Juggahoe"

Angela:"Yea right!Thats Tru Lette right there!"

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