What is Levee?


tall mounds of dirt and such used to block water and can be found by rivers and lakes mainly in new orleans and surronding areas

"Woah, the levees broke and New Orleans and turned the city into a fish bowl."

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The area on the underside of the jaw between the throat and the chin

He tried to be a wise-ass, so I kicked him in the levee.

See boffus


The ceremonial rising of Louis XIV, the Sun King. Doctors, family and a few favoured friends successively enter the King's Bedchamber where he is washed, combed, and, every other day, shaven. The Officers of the Chamber and the Wardrobe then enter in turn for full levee, during which the king is dressed and has breakfast.

From Charlemagne to Napoleon no monarch received such unbounded praise as Louis XIV. But the judgment of our own times upon Louis XIV is very different from that of his own age. And if it be asked nowadays, "Who did the most towards the destruction of the ancien regime?" the correct answer is, "Louis XIV, its greatest representative." The Versailles palace and parks alone cost France one thousand million francs {more than £40,000,000), and there were fifteen other royal palaces.

The Grand Monarch, indeed, seemed to realize the truth in his dying words (1715): "Do not imitate my love for building and for war; assuage the misery of my people."

The Sun King's daily timetable was incumbent on Louis XV and Louis XVI, but neither of them could bear court ceremonial. They tended to flee to their private apartments or smaller chateaus nearby. Levees and couchees became increasingly rare. Courtiers complained that the king was nowhere to be seen.


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