What is Levon?


The most hard core person alive. Will tie nutsack in a knot and teabag douchebags without prompting. Lame ass elton john song is a cover to keep up apearances.

Levon what's in my eye?


Entrepreneur that is the founder of former computer hacking and think tank group called "The Centre" in 1998. The Centre evolved into Datawhore Networks now present day Datawhore Studios. It started out in Florida now is widespread in different pockets of the country. Datawhore Studio primarily focuses on video production.

Levon created Datawhore Studios to be an online community that connects users working in video creation, developing flash and animation works, online gaming, advertising and promoting, charity events, music production, working with local bands, and organizing events.

Levon just sold Datawhore to the government.

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Someone utterly oblivious to their awkwardness. Someone who you feel embarassed for, because they themselves are unembaraassed by their acts of idiocy. The epitome of all morons.

His stupidity makes my brain hurt. I feel so embarrassed for him. Doesn't he realize he's being such a levon?

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a guy who likes to do a lot of homework and that is all he doe homework n read he is another word for nerd. and is very harry.

look at that levon

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This kid is sadder than vadim (read vadim's defintion by jerica)...he cant get sex either...and will rot in hell

I am Levon and I want to fuck briana.

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