What is Lexicon?


1) A collection of vernacular or terms related to a specific industry or group.

2) Some smartass' book of big words.

1) In the Chemistry Lexicon, diffusion is the process by which molecules spread out over time for an even dispersal.

2) In the Carnie's Lexion, selling stupid shit to dumbass fair-goers is called making money.

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Number VI(6)of Organization XIII,Zexion`s weapon from both Kingdom Hearts:CoM, (chain of memories, defeated by Riku, killed by Repliku) and Kingdom Hearts:Final Mix. In Chain of Memories Riku battles Zexion on a replica of Destiny Islands, Riku, Sora, and Kairi`s hometown. After Zexion is defeated, Axel orders Repliku to drain his power/life force, thus causing him to fade away.

Zexion used his Lexicon to cast a spell

Zexion used his Lexicon to trap Sora in another dimension.

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knower of all words. A person who is not to be challenged on the spelling, or more importantly, the pronunciation of any word for fear of relentless deprecation. These are the rules.

1. "Dan is a lexicon" 2. "O hey good to see you Lexicon"

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The Greatest Rapper Alive

"have you heard those new songs"

"yea from lexicon 919"

"dude i cant wait for his album during Christmas"

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A song by the Germs. m/

I'm gonna go floorpunch to Lexicon Devil now.

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