What is Lexington?


One of the greatest party towns in the nation. Home to some of the hottest college girls (most in a sorority) found anywhere, the University of Kentucky is one of the best in the nation, from my experience.

Lexington is home to some awesome places to hang out, ranging from Tolly Ho (best food in town) to clubs like Avio and The Dame, which have live music. I live just off campus, and attend UK. There is always something to do, especially on campus.

While Kentucky as a whole is considered the capitol of hillbillies, this references a 1800's-1900's stereotype that devolved to myth (except for supremely rural towns) in the early 60's at latest.

Lexington, a party city, is known as LexVagas.

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Fuck everyone who has ever said anything bad about Lexington, Kentucky. None of you have any idea about what you're talking about, so don't even try to act like you do. You are a bunch of hypocrits who talk about "hillbillies" as if you know what they are and as if they are bad or idiotic people. Well, you don't know a damn thing. True, Kentucky does have some hillbillies, however, the majority of these people are the nicest, sweetest people you will ever meet; they are also smart people. They would help you if your car broke down on the side of the road, unlike those assholes of any larger city or state. Every state has stupid people, there is no way of not having people like that in any state, so don't judge Kentucky as if we are the only ones who have them. And the horses are beautiful, in addition to the farm land. It is true that it is decreasing, however if you are in the right parts of town you will see amazing farms filled with crops, livestock, and the best of horses. So stick any negative comments up your ass and keep walking.


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Small town in Nebraska full of "diverse people" referred to most as "Mexington"

Hey, man I'm going to Lexington to get some reefer, you wanna come along

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A town of about 200,000 people who possess the mental and cultural capacity to appreciate only three things: 1) college basketball, 2) horse racing, and 3) themsevles.

A kind of pseudo-Southern-gentility exists among the town's wealthy elite, trickling down into the abhorent, God-fearing middle class, 90% of which have locked themselves in gated suburbia if only to avoid any contact with a massive population of the working poor.

Originally, Lexington was setlled in 1784 by syphillitic Baptists fleeing the emerging metropolis of Louisville. Once settled, the town wasted no time in developing a foundation for its primary export: horses. The elitie gentry that resulted from a rash of illegal land claims moved quickly to establish this fledgling industry by breeding these animals with a vigor that would not be seen again until Adolf Hitler defined his genetic criteria for a "master race".

Eventually, this equine-frenzy resulted in the creation of a quasi-Satanic horse cult. Rituals were held on Keeneland, the town's sole horse track, and virgin sacrifces coincided with the wxing and waning of the moon. Word of these murders and assorted acts of bestiality spread, and eventually a local militia arrived to occupy city hall. To this day, the hereditary effects of syphillis and ritual animal sodomy are celebrated twice a year with races held at Keeneland.

During the Civil War, while Kentucky was split over its allegiances, Lexingtonians decided it would be a good idea to fight for slavery. After all, who's gonna look after them horses, eh?

Currently, the town is on the verge of becoming a prime example of the effects of suburban sprawl, as the downtown area (despite a minor resurgence) is slowly being atrophied via the intense land-raping commercial development occurring on Lexington's periphery. By 2020, the town will look like a series of strip malls.

An aside: Lexingtonians generally dislike Louisville. Reasons for this remian unclear (especially when one takes into consideration Louisville's greater cultural and recreational opportunities not exclusive to the upper-class, abundance of drugs at fair prices, and overall greater sense of progress, among others)... Yet many believe it all boils down to the issue of Louisville's college basketball team stealing the coach from Lexington's basketball team.

Yes, that's right, and they are a sad people because of it. But I guess that's syphillis for you.

1. I'm from Lexington, Kentucky, and you guessed it: I'm a douchebag.

2. Of course I'll eat perform analingus on a mare, for the simple reason that hail from Lexington, Kentucky.

3. John decided he would move to Lexington, Kentucky, because he was a total failure of a human being.

4. When I think of spending my life in a cesspool of existential dread while a cannibal disembowels me with a spoon, I think of Lexington, Kentucky.

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