What is Lexy?


99% of the time, a sexy girl, with an exotic look and an ass to die for. I have a lexy myself, and I encourage all other guys to get theirselves a lexy ;-)

Dude: Wanna come get drunk tonight?

Me: Naw man, Im gunna hang out with my lexy.

Dude: Youre so gunna get laid

Me: Totaly.

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*highly fashionable

*a mixture of lush and sexy :)

wow those jeans make your ass look so lexy John!!!


Girl with style, synonym for foxy

OMG!!! That skirt is so Lexy!!


You Look so lexy in those pants I just want to do you right now

See alix


The most beautiful, sweet, and caring girl to ever walk the earth. Loves her friends Jovan and Jesse.

See also Sexy Lexi.

No other girl compares to Lexy!

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another word for amazing/cool/chill/tight ass person. that person is so radical.

"what kind of person is a nikki?"

"oh, yeah nikki? shes a lexy!"

"wow i gotta meet this girl!"

"yeah lexy's are always easy to bang."

"i wish i was a lexy!"

"me too!"

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Completely fashion addict...with style.

God! This boy is so Lexy like!

See Pi


The hottest name on da block which also means SEXY and sometimes HO

"hey gurl that dress is so lexy"

"that gurl is such a lexy"

See Lexy


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