What is Leyland?


a town in lancashire, not excactly a chav hive, but has chavs, there is a cross near tesco that dates back to the saxon times, some sort of military training hut, and a continental market

guy 1: i went to that continental market in leyland yesterday, look what i got! *holds up an ornate vase*

guy 2: how much?

guy 1: ... fiver...

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A Leyland is a small infected pustule resulting from having multiple sexually transmitted diseases. Oftentimes the semen from farm animals can compound the initial infection resulting in a Super Leyland which will then need to be lanced.

He pulled down his pants and I saw an enormous leyland on his rear end coming to a head.

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A word used to describe someone who is high on drugs. The short for it is Ley.

Got that guy is such a ley!

That guy got leyland.

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a boy's name Leyand l(e)-la-nd is pronounced LEE-land. It is of Old English origin, and its meaning is "one who lives by unseeded land". Place name. Philantrophist Leland Stanford.

also the name lee as the same meaning

Leyland has 4 variant forms:

Leyland, Leeland, Leland.and Leighland is girls name

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