What is Lezzybomb?


Past Tense: lezzybombed

Part of Speech: Verb

Definition: To make someone a lesbian. To come on very strong with lesbian smooth moves. To be bombarded or overwhelmed by lesbian(s) or lesbianism. To get "hustled" by a lesbian.

Emily H: Damn, that cubby was gorgeous last night, right? I got lezzybombed like you wouldn’t believe - hope I’m not preggers…

Laura T: Oh shush, you’re just being dramatic.

See lezbomb, lezzybomb


Part of Speech: Noun

Definition: A lesbian whose beauty causes others to change their sexual orientation. A lesbian that is so attractive she triggers the shift from being a straight woman to a lesbian.

Emily H: Woah, did you see that hot wombat.

Claire Y: Yep, definite Lezzybomb.

Emily H: I want her inside me.

See lezbomb, lezzybomb


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