What is Lfc?


Liverpool Football Club.

The most decorated football team in English history with 18 English League Titles, 5 European Cups, 7 FA Cups, 3 UEFA cups, 3 European Super Cups as well as numerous English League Cup and Charity Shield wins.

Captained by local lad Steven Gerrard, a boyhood Liverpool fan who happens to be one of, if not THE, best midfielders in Europe.

Most hated clubs are city rivals Everton, and Manchester United.

Also famous for:

1. Anfield, their home stadium, one of the most revered venues in European football.

2. The Kop, or Spion Kop as it was. Probably the most famous stand in all of football.

3. You'll never walk alone. Liverpool's famous anthem, sang just before the game and after a good performance. As famous a 'terrace song' as there is.

4. Hillsborough tragedy. In April 1989, 96 Liverpool fans were crushed to death in the center pens of the Leppings Lane end at Hillsborough, Sheffield. RIP, JFT96, YNWA.

a. "did you hear about lfc?"

b. "no, what?"

a. "they've won ANOTHER trophy!"

b. "so, whats new?"

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Used in MMORPGs like Lineage 2

"Looking For Clan"

PP LFC (Prophet looking for Clan)

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