What is Lfp?


lfp is short for looking for party. Its used in Online MMORPG's

123:lvl 50 wizard lfp

321:Hey dude ill join ure party


short for lake forest park, washington. one of the chillest cities around.

it's crowded with evergreen trees, sc potheads, and there's hella rain, but it's definitely the best place within the close

perimeter to seattle other than downtown its self.

andrew: lfp is so lame, there's nothing to do!

dylan: that's cause you don't live here man

reppin the 206!

See shorecrest, washington, 206, shorewood, lake forest park


short for Larry Flynt Publication.

Hustler, Barely Legal, Leg World are all magazines published by LFP.

See doodman


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