What is Lfr?


means Laughing Fo' Real when you are really laughing out loud.invented in 2004 by Taco 'TC' Watson who made the altmusictv website.

someone:I have an fever and the only prescription is more cowbell

someone else:LFR


Stands for like for real.

Use to show your seriousness.

We need to hang out sometime. LFR.

See like, for, real, fo


Lauging For Real.

Originally, lol but that was used when people really were not laughing. Therefore, the term LFR came to be.

Someone: somthing (actually funny)

Someone else: LFR


Stands for "Let's Fucking Rage"

Sondra:"What do you wanna do tonight?"


See party, rage, fun, funny, fiesta


Derivated from LIRL (laughing in real life. People got lazy and wanted it even shorter. Created by TC productions and the Need Weed Fund. 4:20!!!! LFR

Lucy: (invalid character for Windows)

everybody: FUCK YOU LUCY!!!!!!!

Lucy: LFR

See Edward


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