What is Lfs?


Live For Speed, A Racing Simulator Made by 3 European dudes.

GT3 sux0rs compared to LFS


Live for Speed

One of the most sophisticated online racing simulators, especially when it comes to simulating physics.

The driving of the cars just feels right. They do what you expect them to do.


Live for speed or LFS, a great racing game that excels at realism and good physics. Can be addicting with using great techniques such as heel-toe downshifting. Three Europeans accomplished more in racing games then EA ever will.

Going 160 km/h coming up to that hair pin turn, you break as hard as ya can, shift down to 3rd 2nd, and floor it right

through the apex. Thats the great feel of LFS.

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Local Fish Store. used in aquarium/fish keeping forums.

I picked up a beautiful 110 tall at my lfs for 200 bucks.

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LFS is an anagram for, Long, Fucking, Story

bill: what happened?

jake: LFS man

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Linux From Scratch is a project that provides you with step-by-step instructions for building your own customized Linux system entirely from source.

LFS project is a very good way to learn Linux.

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Little Flower school

little flower school in bethesda.


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