L.g. Fuad

What is L.g. Fuad?


1. A Motion City Soundtracksong, short for "Let's Get Fucked Up And Die." Obviously put into an acronym so parents buying the CD for their kids wouldn't be turned away from the CD, and that the parents will just think it's a song about someone with that name.

2. A phrase stemming from the song used to express hate or dislike towards something, but not necessarily anger. What some people say when they have to do something that they don't want to.

1. Opening lyrics: "Let's get fucked up and die/I'm speaking figuratively of course/like the last time I committed suicide/...social suicide."

2. My math teacher said we were going to take a test on factoring, the quadratic formula, coordinate grids, square roots, and applications of. I rolled my eyes and said to the class, "L.G. Fuad."

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