Lg Hunter

What is Lg Hunter?


A person who frequently has relations of LGs. Can be also used as a verb LG hunting

Alot of LGs think that by dating an older, "bad boy" it will improve their social status. This is a common misconception. The usual outcome of this is the LG hunter and the LG gain a bad reputation hence why alot of LG hunting is kept under wraps. This term was coined in Bedford School by the LG bandits.

1:Mate, did you see that gash Cook is going out with? She looks like she's fucking 12.

2:I know. Cook is such an LG hunter.

1:Hey man, you seen Rebbeca these days. Shes growing up well...

2:I know. Im well up for some LG hunting after looking at her pictures.

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A person who seeks the affection and attention of LGs.

Are often drugged out high school dropouts who like to underage drink and wear Affliction t-shirts.

Most LGs think dating an older, "bad boy" LG hunter is cool, and by doing so, they make their fellow LGs and the LG hunter himself to think they're really cool and good-looking, despite the fact that most LG hunters look like ugly ass douchebags.

1:Dude, did you see that chick Bobby is going out with? She looks like she's fucking 7.

2:I know. Bobby is such an LG hunter.

1:Hey, I'm having this crazy party next week. Everyone's going to drink and smoke cigarettes and weed. And all the dudes are going to be wearing Ed Hardy and Affliction.

2:Sounds like a nice way of getting some LG poonanny.

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