What is Lgs?


n. A condition similar to depression; in a depressed or semi-depressed state of mind; mopey.

adj. Descriptive of someone who is aflicted with LGS.

Dervied from Lawn Gnome Syndrome.

Stop being so damn LGS.

He's always so LGS. All he does is sit there and mope.


The acronym for Let's Get Serious. LGS, created by Travis Moore and Marco Jenkins is now commonly used throughout the Washington, DC metro area and is gaining popularity. LGS is also a show done by these two. It is called "The LGS show".

Her shoes were NOT 300 dollars...LGS.

LGS about this issue here.

LGS...his car is a piece of junk.

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LGS, otherwise known as Lateral Gravity Syndrome, a condition which affects the poorest of social gatherings, where females stay on one side of the room, and males the other.

Jeees, the party is pure LGS.

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Last Go Syndrome: a condition possessed by nearly all men that strongly and relentlessly urges them to give it that one valiant last shot even though they may have failed many times before and there may be very little chance of success for the final attempt.

"Dude, I know she broke up with me last year, and I know she likes that other guy, but i just gotta give it that one last try, I've got a bad case of LGS"

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Last go syndrome.

The absolute need to make that last go on the girl you still like but perhaps shouldnt.

hits you especially hard when you have a magical moment with the girl and you feel like you've got a significant shot at a solid last go.

brenda and I hung out for like 5 hours on friday, LGS is commanding me to strike while the iron's hot!

dude, Ive got LGS so bad, everytime I see karen I just want to tell her I love her and she needs to give me another chance, I cant help myself!

if you dont get this LGS under control you're gonna end up dating a chick who dumped you in the eigth grade

dont be hasty. fend the LGS off a little longer and make a well-prepared last go. the timing just isnt right

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