What is Lhc?


The name of a very very famous band located in China.

Nobody knows what LHC stands for.

Did u see LHC's gig? It was fucking awesome.

Dude 1: What the fuck does LHC stand for?

Dude 2: Lesbians Have Cocks

Dude 3: WTF, U suck, it's Lions Hate China

Dude 1: Whatever... They are fucking awesome

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stands for the Large Hadron Collider

a huge partical accelerator located in Europe

dude1: "OMG we are going to die tomorrow!!"

dude2: "What the hell are you talking about??"

dude1: "The LHC is going to be switched on."

dude2: "STFU stupid idiot face."

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Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

One of the hottest cities in North America; boasting 350 sunny days per year.

Very popular vacation spot in the winter for people all over the country

LHC's heat makes bitches take their clothes off.

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