What is Liam?


Liam aka P.I.M.P

Often found with bitches and a pimping stick with a gold handle.

"I once saw this guy dressed in a cape with a golden cane. He was like a fucking shepherd, with hundreds of bitches swinging of his cock. They were all screaming somthing that sounded like liam! But it could have been heaven? The bitches were touching his cape and getting backhands left right and center. Now thats a PIMP if I ever saw one"

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Pimped out machine, ripped, gun, tank, homie g, gangsta

"the creature known as liam has the beauty to distract the eyes of everyone it walks by, its god like features are matched by none, except the ripped beauty only known as Sam"

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A guy (or girl who wanted a change - totally open minded :P) who has the name Liam, is the sexiest person you know. Definatly a body to die for, and a smile that'll make you weak at the knees. If you have a Liam, or know one, you're the luckiest girl (or guy, again, I'm TOTALLY open minded, haha) in the world!

Woahh, that dude's a total Liam.

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A term used for an incredibly good looking man, with an impecable dress sense. Can also be used to describe someone with a penis of at least 7 inches.

'Man look at him he's definatly a liam'

'look at the size of that!!, must be a liam'

See liam, leam, lee, big penis


A man whore.

"I'm pretty sexually deprived so I decided to call up a liam because they're never picky."

See slut, whore, manwhore, tramp, trick


A wonderful person full of enthusiasum and fun. Liam will always have a shoulder to cry on unless they are both occupied wich will happen alot because he is such a kind positive guy.

Your world feels like its upside down and and you carry a long frown. All you need is a brit a (european), all you need is a liam.

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Is the worlds best electric guitarist in the world but no one knows yet because he is still young.

He defeated Roger Federer in the Australian open in the year 2001.

He is the hottest guy on the earth and he is a chick magnet with a Lamborghini.

So all the Liams out there should be proud to have the best name in the universe:D

Liam also means True Aussie

Happy Face :)

Liam means Chick Magnet and True Aussie

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