What is Liana?


Is a cold hearted bitch that cares about herself and is being a wannabe slut.

"Did you hear about Gavin's girl?"

"Yeah she Liana'ed him last last night."

"What a bitch!"

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a flirtatious girl who loves to receive attention by the male any cost.

Did you see that girl last night at the party?!

Yeah I know, she was all over that guy, what a liana!

See flirt, hoe, loud, partying, obnoxious


A ferocious girl with an acquired taste for venom. They are usually safe to be around, if not keeping the scent of Calvin Klein on you. Lianas are often seen holding on to a machine gun, for they fear a zombie attack will happen at any given moment. Often can they be found in underground punk showings or Walmarts during graveyard hours.

Dude, did you see that Liana pass by? Too bad I didn't get a picture..

How could you tell she was a Liana?

Didn't you see her machine gun?

Damn it, that Liana just killed my boyfriend! What a nutjob!

Why would she do that?

Because he was wearing Calvin Klein.

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an awesome girl!!!!! who is very laid back and a sweet heart. she doesnt care what other people think about her and a driven women.


boner giverlilicrazel

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