What is Liardius?


Refers to a person who has had drunken sex with a really fat chick

How to spot a Liardius:

1. He will claim the next morning to have been blackout. By claiming to be blackout this person both shirks the responsibility for their 'unappetizing' hook-up and avoids having to divulge the vile details of their sexual encounter. Do not be fooled: A Liardius remembers everything from the night before. He is merely trying to hide his secret love for fat girls.

2. You see him the next morning putting his sheets in the wash (washing away both the sweaty fat juice and the shame (metaphorically))

3. He is a premium member of the 'one ton club'.

Warning: In a last ditch effort to avoid the embarrassment of his portly deeds, a Liardius may try to blame his friends/roomates for not stopping him from "making the biggest mistake of his life"(A common Liardius phrase). Again, do not fall for this trick- you no know whats up.

1. Good God, I never figured you for a Liardius.

2. Thats a Liardius for you- what did you expect.

3. He pulled a Liardius

See fat, chick, drunk, hook-up, hook up, sex, girl, shame


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