What is Liberace?


1- non-hetero screwball piano player with a knack for dressing like a clown.

2- anyone who buck's up and goes through life happy despite the fact that everything around them is shit (like being a non-hetero screwball piano player with a knack for dressing like a clown).

"hey timmy, you look down. you okay, girl?"

"yeah, i hooked up with this dude from my youth group last night. he was tossing my salad and i accidentally shit on him."


"yeah, my life is shit but i'm gonna 'liberace' it anyway."

"way to think happy thoughts, timmy."

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A gay man found attractive by women whose gaydar is not working.

"He's just such a good listener!"

"I think he's a Liberace."


"Never mind."

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some gay bastard that played music.

Liberace holdong hands with elton john, marching next to a purple, upsidedown, triangle shaped float in a homosexual rights parade while waving a rainbow flag, is not as gay as that boy.

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