What is Liberal A.k.a Antiwar Protester?


One who voices his or her opinion over issues they feel strongly about or disagree with.

Thomas Jefferson once said, "Dissent is the pinnacle of patriotism." To be completely honest, I hold higher regard for Thomas Jefferson than for Dubya and people on Urban Dictionary who claim that protest equals "taking advantage of freedom" and degradation of America.

Liberal A.K.A Antiwar Protester: Dude, why is marijuana illegal? What's wrong with gay marriage? Wasn't wiretapping without a court warrant explicitly prohibited in the Federal International Surveillance Act from the days of the Nixon administration? That's fucked up! Let's go protest and try to change what we disagree with, rather than accepting it like timid sheep!

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Someone who recognizes that the current Neo-Conservative trend of the use of force for political and economic gain denigrates the sacrifices made by those who died in legitimate conflicts where the freedoms of the US were actually threatened by an outside entity. Many so called 'Liberals A.K.A Antiwar protesters' are former soldiers who have seen the evils perpetrated by the use of the military and the devastation delivered upon innocent populations by the destruciton of their infrastructures in campaigns of 'shock and awe'ordered by draft dodging pieces of crap sitting in comfortable offices in Washington.

People who are considered by the ignorant 51% of Americans who voted for Bush to be 'Liberals A.K.A Antiwar protesters' are an invaluable voice of equality, tolerance, and peace in an overly bellicose society of obese morons who have lost sight of what America should be and bought into the mindless rhetoric of George W. Bush.

I am a Liberal A.K.A Antiwar protester because I understand the issues and am enraged at the license the American people have given to the Military Industrial Complex to wage wars at will.


Someone who doesnt realize how good they have it and exploit the right to peaceful protest by bitching about everything, anything, and other stuff, too.

That Liberal A.K.A Antiwar protester does nothing but complai, lets send im to iraq and see how he likes it!

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A person that isn't willing to sacrifice anything to keep their freedom's, but take's advantage of those freedoms to degrade the US.

The liberals don't have a clue about the real word, they watch the news to much.


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