Liberal Democrats

What is Liberal Democrats?


The third largest politial pary in the UK behind the Labour Partyand the Conservative Party. Created from a merger of the Liberal Party and the Social Democratic Party. Claim they're moderate, but that's a bald-faced lie. They've got 'Liberal' and 'Democrat' in their party name, for crying out loud!

I wish I wasn't a Liberal Democrat. But alas, that's the best I can do.


Silly single issue party in the United Kingdom. Always bang on about the war and are supported generally by the media, especially Channel 4 or the BBC.

This party claims to be nice people, however last year they stabbed their leader in the back who was reasonably successful, (by their standards). It emerged that one of the contenders was a closet homosexual who had been round all the rent boys in London, and another a bisexual who had previously denied his sexuality.

Thier policies comprise mainly of false sincerity and talking about Iraq. They also think that raising taxes is a good idea and want to let in as many assylum seekers as possible, make prisons more confortable and allow fellons to vote.

This party, as it is never going to be in government tries an "All things to All men" approach. This works amongst gullable people who can't choose between the two main parties in the UK.

They perform well in the West country, Mid Wales and Northern Scotland (ie obscure cut off parts of Britain)

I don't know who to vote for. Let's go for the Liberal Democrats , their policies are stupid and they came last, last time but at least their nice people

See idiot, fool, nutter, liberal, cornwall


Political party who are 2-faced about everything

vote SNP

see Lib Dems


see the word conformists

in the USA "liberal democrats" are all a bunch of blind conformists


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