Liberal Douchebag

What is Liberal Douchebag?


People that give the Democratic party a bad name, they hate America whilst living in it. All parts of it, especially:

A) Soldiers

B) Corporations

C) Government

Despite having all three need a shitload of straightening up, yet necessary to the USA, Liberal Douchebags blame America for everything.

Nonsensical hippy-tard in Berkeley, Belmont, or Santa Cruz: AMERIKKKA SUCKS! FUCK THE TROOPS! ALL THEY DO IS ADVANCE THE FAT WALLETS OF KORPORATE SKUMMMM!! *burns an American flag*

Rational person: Shut the fuck up, liberal douchebag.

See author Dolphin_X for a good definition of a liberal douchebag.

See dumbass, nazi, douche, idiot, fuckwad


People who try to cram their idea of a perfect world down your throat. They are selfish and pompous. These types usually smell like ass and have no friends outside of the liberal douchebag army. These were babies of acid-using hippies and the hippies themselves.

The West Coast of America is largely inhabited by liberal douchebags.

See hippie, democrat, left-wing, tree-hugger, nutjob


Another hateful term created by the Conservative Hate Culture.

Like other terms created to promote hate and prejudice against Liberals who decide to speak out in the Name of Freedom and Democracy, this term is nothing more than a conservative sucker punch. See Cheap-shot

This term is often used by, pseudo-patriots who are intolerant of free speech.

It looks like that pseudo-patriot just called me a Liberal douchebag... so much for the right to free speech.

BTW there is a space between Douche and bag.

See facist, radcon, wingnut, ignorance, American_Patriot


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