What is Liberation Transmission?


Liberation Transmission is the third studio album by lostprophets. The album was released on June 26 and June 27, 2006 in the United Kingdom and the United States respectively and entered the UK album chart at number one (July 2 for 1 week).

The first single, Rooftops (A Liberation Broadcast), was released on June 19th 2006, and reached number 8 in the UK Top 40. The second single will almost certainly be A Town Called Hypocrisy, as bassist Stuart Richardson claimed in a recent BBC interview.

The album was leaked via BitTorrent for illegal download on June 12 2006, two weeks prior to its official release.

Track listing

"Everyday Combat" - 5:11

"A Town Called Hypocrisy" - 3:39

"The New Transmission" - 3:32

"Rooftops (A Liberation Broadcast)" - 4:11

"Can't Stop, Gotta Date with Hate" - 3:42

"Can't Catch Tomorrow (Good Shoes Won't Save You This Time)" - 3:36

"Everybody's Screaming!!!" - 3:52

"Broken Hearts, Torn Up Letters and the Story Of a Lonely Girl" - 4:04

"4:am Forever" - 4:27

"For All These Times Son, For All These Times" - 3:54

"Heaven for the Weather, Hell for the Company" - 4:13

"Always All Ways (Apologies, Glances and Messed Up Chances)" - 4:25


This is the first lostprophets album to include the lyrics to album's songs in the album's packaging. thefakesoundofprogress did not include the lyrics, whilst Start Something specifically states that the lyrics could be found on the band's official website, although they no longer can be.

It is also the first lostprophets album recorded without original drummer Mike Chiplin. Josh Freesedrummed at the request of Bob Rock, but the band's first choice was Travis Barker.

Both of the other lostprophets albums featured interludes between some songs; no songs on Liberation Transmission are linked together, or feature interludes.

The first line in the chorus of "Can't Stop, Gotta Date with Hate" was taken from a line in the film The Goonies.

The Latin phrase on the album cover, "nobis pro lemma vobis", translates roughly as "for us, for them, for you". This lyric comes from the song Burn Burn, which can be found on the band's previous album Start Something.

liberation transmission is classed as lostprophets 'emo' album.

See start something, thefakesoundofprogress, lostprophets


Liberation Transmision is an album by welsh rockers lost prophets. its got some cool songs on it and u should deffo buy it! although everyday combat is a bit meaningless number 8- broken hearts, torn up letters and the story of a lonely girl is the best song on the album by far! if ur looking 4 a good bit of rock go get this album cz it rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dude1- im so bored with the indie scene man! i want some proper rock with meaning

dude2- get lostprophets album called liberation transmission ive heard its mint!

dude 1- ok ill go get it

dude1 and dude 2- (walk off happily to HMV together)

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