What is Liberty?


Something everyone on the earth deserves no matter what race, religion sex or country!

"Give me liberty, or give me death!"

-Patrick Henry before Virginia House of Burgesses


The state of a free person, freedom, anarchy.

Liberty or death!


Freedom, the all-too-rare position of being able to think, speak and act indepentently. Not to be confused with equality, something else that should be more prevelant in the world today.

If someone could send this definition to the 43rd President of the USA, I would be grateful. If someone there could read it to him, I'd be even happier.

"We have succeeded in giving liberty to the Iraqi people... well, maybe not quite yet but we're working on it. Yeah."


Something not found in amerikkka

Bill of Rights? Liberty? The PATRIOT Act made all of those things obsolete. Get with the times.

See Ted


The belief that no one should prevent people from influencing each other and that people should be able to express opinions and ideas without being oppressed.

I think that the government sux.

I have not been prevented from saying this, my government adheres to the values of liberty.

See waffle


mostly used in london to say somethings not fair

why did he slap u thats a liberty

or why u being like dat dats a liberty


The idea that all men are created equal. By most standards this idea is negotiable, wherein no one has it fully, as of yet.

I want my liberty back please.


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