Liberty Gift

What is Liberty Gift?


The liberty gift is a disgusting package of nastiness, which is flung against the property of someone you hate or feel like spiting.

The liberty gift is made from a dead phish stuffed with cat snit and wrapped in an ammonia-soaked towel.

There are two methods of delivery: Active and Passive

Acftive delivery requires that you fling it or hum it at a target which whould compromise the peace of mind of yopur victim. The active approach usually makes a mess.

The passive approach involves placing or setting the gift on top of your target. The contents of the package tend to seep on to the target and cause corrosive damage.

For more fun try a flaming liberty gift.

If you find a dead phish stuffed with cat shit wrapped in an ammonia-soaked towel, chances are it is a liberty gift.


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