What is L.i.g?


A section of the japensese yakuza was broken off when a up coming subordinate failed a mission and resulted in losing a finger. Unfortunately for the subordinate, as a act of dishonor and a proof of loyalty his fellow comrades had cut off a chunk of his penis instead. the subordinate as low in status as he was actually had influence in the group and was able to break off his own gang. He relocated the gang and named them L.I.G. He also changed his name to Lennard Pham in an attempt to escape his infamous event.

The gang originally was called lang inzu gaj which means elevated hope. But as time moved on, the gang's notorious acts of drugs and violence changed to a major trafficking of prositution. Mostly male prositution. In 2008, 2 days before his birthday Lennard was found dead on the toilet. The cause of death was massive internal bleeding. The police described it as a re-inactment of 2 guys 1 horse. The gang was jokeingly changed to Lennard is Gay. (L.I.G) The name stuck even after the group disbanded. In Vancouver, B.C many of their operations are stll running today including the sex booth in CHQ at metrotown which forces young men to give blowjobs in front of the public as a initiation into a gang that no longer existed.

L.I.G also stands for Lesbian International Group

L.I.G is the gayest gang ever

L.I.G is not the gayest gang ever and im not saying that because a 5'3 asian guy has a gun as well as a small cock in my face.

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