Lil' Gang$ta

What is Lil' Gang$ta?


(1). A person who is glorified for hurting people.

(2). A young sociopathic member of the inner-city underclass, known primarily for being antisocial and uneducated. Also known for ready access to illegal drugs and weapons, and staggeringly poor marksmanship.

(3). A 22 year old Rap star, from MPLS, MN, and born in Cleveland, OH,

has 7 underground Albums out, and making more. for contact: Myspace/LiLG75

(1). yo homie dat nigga ova dere b madd illin cuz yo he be Gellin like a fealon YA KNAWH WUT IM SAYIN chea

(2). "Yo, this lil' gang$ta loses his cheeba out his jeans, an' he thinks somebody snatched it, so he tries to cap my holmes wit a 9 and miss all 10 rounds. Killed two girls in tha' playground, though - that nigga be gang-sta as fuck, yo."

See lil', gangsta, black, gang, gang member, LiL' Gang$ta


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