Lil Jon Cannonball

What is Lil Jon Cannonball?


A variation on the drinking feat known as the cannonballwhere one partakes in such an action with one's hand on a window sill and feet on the wall (from the window to the wall), or vice versa, while suspended several feet above the ground and using one's free hand to rest the liquor bottle on the elbow and drink. After completing the cannonball, the performer must yell "Yeeeeeeah!" in true Lil Jon fashion. This is a physically challenging feat, one not likely to be bested.

My flawless Lil Jon cannonball execution topped even Maria's "Lil Kim cannonball", which involved drinking while swinging around a strippers' pole in edible underwear, and Kevin's "R. Kelly cannonball", where he drank while peeing on a 15-year-old girl.

See Nick D


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