Lil Pakistan

What is Lil Pakistan?


Nickname for the city of Ft. Myers, Florida. Referring to the high crime rate.

I'm from lil Pakistan.

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another name for the 239


Fo Town

Fort Myers, Florida

Guy 1: where you stay at?

Guy 2: mannn my crib in lil pakistan.

Guy 1: ohhh shitttttt

or on myspace


18 years old

lil pakistan, FLORIDA

United States

Last Login: 11/28/2007

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the nickname was picked to depict the amount of crime in the city of Fort Myers, FL. trying to draw a comparison between it and the war torn country of Pakistan.

but really let's not trivialize real war zones and what people have to go through living in a war torn city by comparing it to Fort Myers, FL. that would be ignorant

lil Pakistan came about because of a rise in the hip-hop scene and it's not cool to be a rapper coming from the suburbs. you have to make it sound a little more fierce so by comparing to Pakistan, you can get some more street cred.

random gentleman: "eyo look at dis herb nigga.. why you lookin at me fam? you don't know me nigga i ain't friendly i'm from Queensbridge nigga!"

wimpy fort myers dude: "yeah.. well... i'm from for- i mean, uh, ahem... lil pakistan! the fuck you got to say to dat man? yeeeah, it's sounds terrible huh? yeah it's tough man... long lines at starbucks and lots of traffic when the snowbirds come down for the winter.. and those retirees too old and can't drive well.. super dangerous!"

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