What is Lilia?


Great personality with a hot bod. Makes for a great girlfriend or fuck-buddy.

Josh- "Woah man did you see her? she's got it going on!"

Tom- "Shes great. Shes such a Lilia"

See hot, fuck, sex, personality, body, boobs, pussy, fuck-buddy, bootycall, girlfriend


Awsome-EST to the max-EMER!

Supper Dupper Tasty 8d


cute and nice..

..perfect package

my heart is set on her xD

Will she be mine?

Lilia is soo AMAZING she is both HOT and NICE!!...she is one-of-a-kind!!

See unique, noe, hot, pretty, nice


someone extremely good at giving head and, obviously, gorgeous. a legend among men.

"Was she good?"

"Well... she wasn't a Lilia, but she was alright."

See lilia, sexy, woman


A small purple flying monkey with green wings indegenous to small bondage closets, known for its overwhelming desire to give swirleys to hampsters.

OM MY! There is a Lilia in that small bondage closet!

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