Lina Erikkson

What is Lina Erikkson?



A fake girl with the AOL Screen Name of "biiss" and the old AOL Screen Name of "Giowish", this girl seems to believe she is from Sweden and is very hot. Unfortunately her name is not Lina Erikkson, her first name is unknown and her last name, according to a caller ID is Watson.

She claims she is from Sweden and lives in Westfield New Jersey, but when you call her house the woman who answers sounds extremely high and has no foreign accent, they also have never spoken Swedish on the phone. She once claimed the Swedish word for "phone" was "phony" pronounced "poe-knee" but then later said she just thought that sounded cool. She says "ja" alot but nothing else, that is the extent of her so called Swedishness. She also has pictures that are questionably fake.

The first picture is one of her "boobs" she claims to have taken when she ran away to her dancer instructors house. The head is mostly cut off and the girl has a mole on her chin. That was her earliest picture. She then sent one with another girl who does not match and does not have a mole on her chin. Random mole disappearance? Perhaps a Britney Spearssecret? No, I think not.

This girl follows the trends as if it were a religion and attempts to get rid of any of her friends who find out the truth or get close to it.

Lina Erikkson is a pathetic creature who has disappeared from the AOL scene for leaking out information on her so-called best friend. She is not a trust worthy person and is to be mocked and ridiculed.


A girl who is a fake, a slut, a whore, has no morals, etc.

Someone who is materialistic and pathetic.

Lina: Once time I was giving a blowjobto some guy and I like forgot what I was doing.

Lina: ::answers phone while giving a handjob/ blowjob:: Hi!

Lina: I couldn't find my hair for a second.

" You're acting like (a) Lina. "

" You fucking Lina. "

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